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Acu Group Assignment Cover Sheet

The Assignment activity allows teachers to collect student work, review and provide feedback, including grades.

Students can submit any digital content such as documents, spreadsheets, images, audio as well as links from their ePortfolio.There are numerous assignment, submission and feedback settings that allow teachers to customise the Assignment activity.

Each of the functionalities below can be enabled or disabled via the Settings page for your Assignment. To access the 'Settings' page for your Assignment activity:

  1. Click on 'Turn editing on'.
  2. Click on the 'Edit' dropdown to the right of the Assignment's name.
  3. Click on 'Edit settings'.

Editing the Settings for your Assignment activity will allow you flexibility around:

Individual students:

You can set up the Assignment activity within LEO to allow Individual students to upload a variety of digital content, add comments and access their feedback and grades online. Assignment settings can also send an email notification to students when their assignment is graded and grades released to them.

Editing the Settings for your assignment

You are able to enable the submission of multiple file types by editing the Settings under 'Submission types'. You are able to edit the Settings pertaining to email notifications by editing the Settings under 'Notifications'.

Group work:

You can set up the Assignment activity within LEO to allow a group member can submit work on behalf of the group. Students can lead their own group project by submitting individual digital content. Group members can view, edit and provide comments on each other’s work. Teachers can provide feedback for the entire group project or provide individual members of a group feedback and grades. Enable or disable these under 'Group submission settings' from the Settings page.


The Assignment activity allows you to 'split' large classes into groups, to allow the Lecturer in Charge (LIC) to delegate grading responsibilities to more than one marker.  Each marker provides separate grades, feedback and notes to individual students or within their assigned groups. You can enable 'Use marking workflow' under 'Grade' from the Settings page.


Some file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) can also be marked online using the built-in inline grading tool. Bulk download of assignment and bulk upload of feedback files is possible and advisable for large classes. You can edit your Feedback settings under 'Feedback types' from the Settings page.

Advanced grading (rubrics/marking guides):

You may like to think about using rubrics to grade assignments submitted via the Assignment activity. Creating rubrics calculates the grade, provides more detailed information about how the student has met the criteria and provides consistent feedback to students. Unlike the settings available above, the settings to enable the use of rubrics/marking guides in your Assignment activity are available in the 'Administration block' under 'Assignment administration', then click on 'Advanced grading' (Administration > Assignment administration > Advanced grading).

  • To learn more about using rubrics and marking guides, please see our LEO Guide 'Rubrics and Marking Guides'.
Policy applies to University-wide
All Staff And Students
Approval AuthorityAcademic Board
Governing AuthorityUniversity Learning and Teaching Committee
Responsible OfficerDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching)
Approval Date02/12/2015
Effective Date01/01/2016
Date of Last Revision 01/01/2015
Effective Date of Last Revision 29/11/2017
Date of Policy Review *01/07/2018

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