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Pitt Housing Assignments Tamu

Housing Process

First-Year Students

Prospective freshmen who are admitted for the fall term through Admissions and Financial Aid and pay their $300 enrollment fee by May 1st and their $325 housing deposit by the deadline printed on their housing contract are guaranteed on-campus housing. This guarantee is good for three years provided that all housing application and deposit deadlines in each subsequent year are met. The Housing and Dining Services Contract is for both fall and spring terms.

Panther Central assigns all first-year students to on-campus housing in residence hall style accommodations. Housing is not on a first come first served basis. Regardless of when your application was completed, we run a mass allocation in mid-June. All students who have met their individual housing deadlines and are completed at that point will be assigned via our mass allocation and have a fair shot at obtaining their preferences. Our system randomly selects students and assigns them according to preferences, as available. However, we are occasionally unable to accommodate preferences simply based on what is available when a student's name is selected.

Due to the University's rolling admission, Panther Central will continue to assign in smaller allocations throughout the summer. However, the majority of assignments are completed during the initial allocation.

 Gender Neutral housing is available to First-Year students by contacting Panther Central directly upon admission to the University.

Nonguaranteed First Year Students

Nonguaranteed first-year students who wish to live in University housing will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which their housing contract and deposit are received. Waiting list students are not guaranteed on-campus accommodations. Notification of possible on-campus housing does not usually occur before late June.

Upperclass Students

Full-time students who have lived on campus during their first year with a housing guarantee are guaranteed housing for their second and third years if they continue to satisfy all housing application and deadline requirements in each successive year.

If a student misses any housing deadline or requirement in any year, the housing guarantee is automatically revoked. Once the guarantee is revoked, it cannot be reinstated for any reason.

Upperclass Selection Process

Most students entering the University of Pittsburgh are guaranteed on-campus housing for their first three years, provided they meet housing application and deposit deadlines each year. On-campus housing consists of residence hall, apartment-style and fraternity accommodations.

Each spring eligible students living on campus have the opportunity to select their accommodations for the following academic year through an online lottery.


Suite and Apartment-Style Selection Process

Multi-room, multi-person, and single-unit suites are available in several residence halls. Multi-room, multi-person, and single-unit apartments are available in apartment-style accommodations. Gender Neutral, Multi-room, muti-person and single-unit apartments are available in Ruskin Hall. Groups of suitemates and apartment-mates (eligible juniors-to-be and sophomores-to-be) bid on desired suites and apartment-style accommodations using a point system based upon academic class and years of residency. Ties are broken by the lowest randomly assigned housing selection index number in each group.

Room, Suite, and Apartment-Style Retention Eligible juniors-to-be and sophomores-to-be may retain their rooms, suites, or apartment-style accommodations for the following academic year. The University reserves the right to designate currently occupied rooms, suites, and apartment-style accommodations as unavailable for the following year.

Gender Neutral Selection Process

Gender Neutral housing is available for students who wish to live together regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or expression.

Upperclass Gender Neutral housing is available in Ruskin Hall apartments.

Housing Selection for upper-class students takes place each Spring Semester. To be eligible for Gender Neutral Housing, Student(s) will complete a Suite and Apartment-Style Application, indicating potential roommate(s), suite/apartment size and Gender Neutral housing. A group representative is also required to be identified on the application. The number of students listed on the application, must equal the designated suite or apartment capacity. A student may only participate as a member of one group. Any student found to be a part of more than one group voids suite selection for the members of all associated groups.

A bid process is used to determine suite and apartment-style selection, including Gender Neutral applicants, based upon the information provided on the Suite and Apartment-style Selection Applications. Each student of the suite or apartment group is given points for their class standing as follows: juniors = 3 points, sophomores = 2 points. Panther Central determines the selection order among the groups based upon the highest bid total. The lowest housing selection index number in each group is used to break ties among groups.

Panther Central will contact the group leader directly after suite/apartment bid winners are determined.

Gender Neutral bid winners will NOT book themselves through the typical housing selection process. Instead, Panther Central will manually assign the group after speaking to the group leader. If groups do not win a bid, students are encouraged to participate in General Room Selection at their corresponding time.

Room Selection Process

Upon completion of the Suite and Apartment-Style Selection and Retention Processes eligible juniors-to-be and sophomores-to-be select their residence hall rooms for the next academic year in a lottery determined by academic class and a randomly assigned housing selection index number.

Housing Selection Brochure

The retention and selection procedures for rooms, suites, and apartment-style accommodations are described in detail in the Housing Selection Brochure. This brochure will be available during the spring semester.

Housing Selection Calendar

Important dates to remember for the selection process are detailed on the Housing Selection Calendar. This calendar will be available during the spring semester.


Nonguaranteed Upperclass Students

Nonguaranteed students who wish to live in University housing will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which their housing contract and deposit are received. Any senior requesting on-campus housing will be placed on the waiting list. Waiting list students are not guaranteed on-campus accommodations. Notification of possible on-campus housing does not usually occur before late June.

Sorority and Fraternity Housing

Any Fraternity or Sorority member wishing to live with their respective chapter must complete the housing and dining contract and application by the specified date provided by Panther Central. The chapter president will work with Panther Central regarding placement of their chapter. Panther Central will determine who is eligible for housing based on the student's contract and application status.

Off-Campus, University-Owned Apartments

The University owns several hundred apartments that are available to undergraduate and graduate students. University-owned apartments are unfurnished and range from efficiencies to three-bedroom units. These units are not considered on-campus housing and are administered via a lease, security deposit, and monthly payments.

Please contact 412-624-6998 or email for information on housing.





Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association is a student organization that serves residents who live on-campus, lead by student leaders from the residential community.  They frequently coordinate events and combine resources to improve the social, cultural, and recreational development of students within the residence halls.  RHA is a student body within Residence Life that advocates for residents' needs and concerns to satisfy the needs of on campus residents as members of the TAMUG community.

Anyone who lives on campus in one of the 7 residence halls is considered a general member of the Residence Hall Association.  There are plenty of opportunities to be actively involved in the leadership of RHA, such as serving on event committees, serving on the executive board or being selected as the Hall Representative for your community.  Whether you want to vote on the movies we bring to campus, resolve issues for on campus student problems, coorinate Hall Olympics, have a fun idea for an event, or want to voice your opinion on resources- RHA has something for everyone!

Make sure you join the RHA Wheelhouse page for the most up to date information about our meetings and programs! 

Our Fall Meetings are Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Atlantic Hall Media Pit (2nd Floor).

Office Location: Atlantic Hall Suite 6110